Missional Communities

Missional Communities

At Desert’s End Church, the main way people connect with the life of the church and its work in the world is through our missional communities.

For materials relating to existing missional communities, visit our resources page.

What is a missional community?

A missional community is a family of disciples united in a common service and witness.

This is not an original concept. It is has been the practice of many Christians throughout history to gather in small groups for mutual discipleship and service to the wider community.

Nor is it an original phrase. We got the term “missional community” from a helpful guy named Jeff Vanderstelt. You can see him talk about the idea of missional communities below.

When do missional communities meet?

The short answer is, all the time! Missional communities typically have one key meeting throughout the week (often Wednesdays or Thursdays), but they will also meet in smaller groups for prayer and accountability, or at other times for the sake of service and evangelism.

How do I join a missional community?

There is no formal process to join a missional community, but we recommend talking to one of the church leaders to help you find one that best fits your own season of life.

In the Spring of 2022, many members of our church are also taking part in a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. For more information and details about how to attend that class, visit our Perspectives page.